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The G.R.E.E.N. Foundation


Celebrating 23 years in 2023!

The G.R.E.E.N. (Gathering Resources to Educate and Empower through Networking) Foundation (TGF), a community-based nonprofit organization (, was founded in 2000 with an overarching mission to improve health and eliminate cancer health disparities impacting diverse African American communities in California through health education and promotion, screening, and awareness activities. As a main tool in its advocacy, TGF uses a community- and faith-based culturally competent conference model designed to educate African Americans, with an emphasis on reducing health disparities through understanding cancer, the importance of participating in clinical trials, early screening, and in making healthy preventative and lifestyle choices.

What does G.R.E.E.N mean?
Gathering Resources to Educate and Empower through Networks.

Since its inception, TGF has preserved its grassroots origins while expanding its programs to address breast, cervical, prostate and other cancers, nutrition, and healthy living. TGF has cultivated strong relationships with communities of color primarily the African American populations where they work, worship and socialize throughout California in efforts to bridge the gap in understanding how best to support those living with chronic health issues.

TGF has a lengthy track record of initiating and establishing close-working relationships with a diverse mix of collaborative partners for joint programming in health education and service referrals. The target audience is diverse predominantly African Americans and the Latino/Hispanic communities. Partnering with a diverse network of corporate sponsors, academic and community-based healthcare organizations, faith-based ministries, universities and colleges.

The G.R.E.E.N Foundation coordinates and facilitate meetings, build community partnerships with medical and health experts to support communities to support efforts to increase knowledge as it relates to their health and to instruct students how community based learning offer skills to communities to sustain and support them in doing so can increase student’s personal and professional development.