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The G.R.E.E.N. Foundation

Health Education Conferences

ActNOW Health Education Conference Series

Conference Series mission and vision was established in 2009 to coordinate with community members a daylong conference in a safe environment to learn and express concerns about their personal health. The health education presentations from medical doctors and health experts (i.e., researchers/scientists) educate and inform attendees how to decrease morbidity and mortality rates in the African American community.

This conference series is a culturally-conscious, comprehensive and evidence-based approach which encourages, empowers and engages communities of color about the importance of prevention, screenings and health coverage use to support a better quality of life. Presenters are a group of health professionals passionate and committed to provide their health expertise to educate attendees about the significance of early detection, wellness, prevention, treatments and healthy choices. Lastly, conference attendees learn how to access navigation services, link their communities to local social services, and benefit from a continuum of care.

The G.R.E.E.N. Foundation’s (TGF) breast health program has increased the importance of early detection through awareness, prevention and support services in underrepresented communities and communities at-large for the past 19 years.