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The G.R.E.E.N. Foundation


MISSION: To improve the health and well-being of African American and underrepresented communities and to underserved/uninsured communities to address breast, cervical, prostate, and other cancers, nutrition, and overall health which can include (any early detection campaigns, other chronic diseases that highly impact African Americans (diabetes, obesity, and hypertension). Culturally include historic positive engagement to support changed behaviors for a better quality of life.



• TGF has nearly 120 volunteers, including a Board of Directors and Advisory Board comprised of researchers, business owners, community and faith leaders, health professionals and physicians with more than 60 years combined experience working with diverse populations. With strong committee members in 3-cities hosting annual ActNOW comprehensive health conferences.

• Community leader in health education to learn the importance of early detection of cancers to support African American and underrepresented populations.

• Recognized as the primary community-based provider of cancer awareness education and care navigator for underserved populations in Orange and Los Angeles counties.

• Developed creative strategies proven effective in reaching the intended audience.

• Community Health Advocates program for young adult 18 + a community-based learning program to train, educate, engage young adults how working in their communities enhances their job, social and experiential learning.