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The G.R.E.E.N. Foundation

ActNOW: 2018

Conference Vision

A culturally competent, community driven, collaborative approach to health care education conference designed to address the health disparities of African Americans.

This conference series culturally conscious, comprehensive and evidence-based practices to encourage, empower and engage communities of color about the importance of prevention, screenings and health coverage to support a better quality of life.

Presenters are a group of health professionals passionate and committed to provide their health expertise to educate attendees about the significance of early detection, wellness, prevention, treatments and health choices.

Advocacy matters! Staying informed with “your” health care and how to fight for it.

Community based learning (CBL) offers opportunities to learn community education and outreach. CBL offers instructional methods and experiential learning equipping college students with lifelong skills.

2017 ActNOWConferences