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The G.R.E.E.N. Foundation

Mission: Students will increase knowledge of community services and how service learning can improve services to local communities.

Apply to join the Community Health Advocates program

Students from Cal State Fullerton, Fullerton College, Loyola Marymount or other campuses may earn one of three certificates depending on level of involvement in the Ambassador Program.

  • First Level: Student serves on the conference community planning committee, volunteers before or during the conference/workshop, and attends the conference/workshop
  • Second Level: Student volunteers before and during the conference/workshop, and attends the conference/workshop
  • Third Level: Student volunteers before the conference/workshop but does not attend

These positions were established by The G.R.E.E.N. Foundation to recognize students who has shown outstanding commitment and follow-through with service-learning and/or academic internship service project(s) that positively impacted the community; demonstrated commitment above and beyond their duties for the organization; and generated a tangible benefit for the organization.

Who Can Apply? This program is available to students who need to complete community service or internship/externship hours. We are looking for students who want to increase their knowledge of the importance of early detection while developing important skills (leadership, team building, community organizing, accountability, commitment and the support of giving back).