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The G.R.E.E.N. Foundation

2023 ActNOW Health Conference “The Year of Action”


Join the interactive and sacred space! Let’s learn together!

Intergenerational approaches with historical facts, music, and culturally relevant.

ActNOW OC Conference provides a platform for outreach and education to promote prevention, education, nutrition and physical activities.

Join us in Collaboration in Action! The conference will have opportunities to learn more about: team building, health awareness, self-esteem, leadership and many more life skills. Anyone who attends will enjoy a cultural experience and students can earn valuable community service hours.

FREE Registration.



Speakers include:

  • Dr. Monica Calhoun, Health Philosophy
  • Dr. Ricardo Parker, Healthy Eating/Plant Based Nutrition
  • Dr. Richard Seard (UCI), Prostate Cancer


College Students (18 years+) have opportunity to get community-based learning hours for attendance. Contact 714-756-0027 or email for more info on how to get credit.



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