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The G.R.E.E.N. Foundation

Breast Health – Be Self Empowered

  • ActNOW: Be Self Empowered Prevention, Treatment & Survivorship
  • Focus efforts to reach: 1) Uninsured women; and 2) Women under age 40 regardless of insurance status
  • 2016 – 2017 Breast Reconstruction Awareness
    • Raise awareness of breast reconstruction options for newly diagnosis breast cancer clients and for the general public
    • Inform women community-wide about breast reconstruction surgery to improve quality life (disfigurement, back issues, etc.)
    • Utilize workshops and outreach activities to equip women with information and listings of certified plastic surgeons experienced with breast reconstruction
    • Guide women and families to surgeons and to shop and compare options

Breast health education: provides health education by one-on-one encounters to salons, churches and cultural events.
Annual Breast Health Advocates training (Advocacy and breast health presentations)
Quarterly psychosocial support

Access to Screenings: TGF coordinates refer to screenings with qualified imaging and medical providers. Breast education workshops ongoing and breast health collateral materials are distributed locally resources and in Santa Ana, Los Angeles, Sacramento and Oakland.

Conference – annual health care conferences discussing all types of cancers that particularly effects communities with high risks and high death rates. The conference goal is a daylong of learning to bringing comprehensive health education to communities high risks with chronic diseases

TGF will participate in The Breast Reconstruction Awareness Campaign is an initiative designed to promote education, awareness and access regarding post-mastectomy breast reconstruction. TGF awareness day, October 4th.

Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day is held every third Wednesday of October and gives affiliates and supporters a chance to host events and fundraisers to get the message out in their communities.

Outreach – The outreach goal to influence and mobilize women to get screened for breast and cervical cancer. For men, prostate screening and refer to psychosocial services. The outreach promotes the importance of early detection, screenings and clinical trials.

Care Navigation – coordinate services linking people to screenings, access screening, re-screening, and diagnostic services by helping make appointments, fill out paper work, arrange for transportation or childcare, and/or provide emotional support through the navigation program coordinate care services upon consumers request.