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The G.R.E.E.N. Foundation

ActNOW: Sacramento

I believe there must be a sense of urgency to support family and friends to help be mindful of their health.  Listen to your body it’s tells us all what is happening.  Just recently, I restarted my journey to modify my life.  By increasing more of the healthy stuff and ways  will keep my body organs functioning the way they were created to do. Well, I do realize it is easier to say than to actually do it! Well, modifying our lives take time so, I need to remind my self my new way of life will take a life time to achieve, day by day and year after year.

I am a part of a collaborative of nonprofits that are working together to bring awareness to vulnerable communities. It is so rewarding when you get positive feedback from someone who attended a workshop or a conference. In one day, I heard from three people who attended and they are responding to what they learned by taking action right away.  One heard the lung cancer presentation and has decided to quit; shared immediately with family and friends; and another received complements on how well they looked.

Now, think about it. We all don’t have to go to a conference to learn what we should do about taking care of ourselves but what it does it encourages us what will/may happen if changes don’t occur.  Now think about it, how can we support each other in doing the right thing on a daily basis. Do I drink more water? How other vitamins do I need to take? How will I get more sleep and get all of the work done, the daily chores and the list goes on…

Well, I’m all in when I consider living a life in the next few years with aches and pains somthing that I  maybe could have prevented if healthier choices were made. Hmmm, just maybe.

I’m taking the healthy road now,