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The G.R.E.E.N. Foundation


Being Happy!

We can’t get enough of Pharrell Williams’ song, Happy.  In his lyrics, if you believe happiness is truth clap your hands to agree.  Well, I must admit every time I hear the song my body automatically go into the happy mode.   I believe everyone want… Read More »Being Happy!

Engaged E!

I started out this year with a great attitude to keep our followers informed, well, it quite happen that way!  BUT, the good news a lot of great things are happening with The G.R.E.E.N. Foundation. The Affordable Care Act is the key!  Covered California and… Read More »Engaged E!

Health and Happiness

Happy holidays to all! I look forward to establishing new partnerships and collaborations in 2014. Look for the announcement of California statewide health education initiative in five cities. A few services will be needed, ie. printing, advertisement and catering. This is my wish for you:… Read More »Health and Happiness

One More Conference!

Please share the upcoming conference information with your family, friends and email audience.  Conference link: The vendor information is attached.  If you are interested please complete the forms and send in the payment by mail. Visit our website:

My Happy Immune System

Lack of exercise, being overweight, eating foods high in sugar and fat, experiencing constant stress, and being socially isolated are things that make your immune system sad. (5 Immune System Busters, 2013).  A sad immune system increases your risk of infections, colds, and being tired.  … Read More »My Happy Immune System