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The G.R.E.E.N. Foundation

Breathe it will save your life!

Does the world seem to being moving extremely fast?  Are you uptight, stressed out, depressed, irritable, feeling hopeless, angry, mad or sad — if so, it is time to breathe.  Really, did you know by inhaling properly the “clean air” oxygen (good) and by exhaling you are releasing all the carbon dioxide and toxins (bad) stuff?

Oxygen deprivation can be associated with all kinds of chronic diseases, including cancer.

Try it!  Some call it belly breathing, some call it mindfulness and I will call it BREATHING for LIFE. Now, try it!  Close your eyes, inhale through your nose with your mouth closed watch your stomach area expand (diaphragm), now exhale – let the air out through your mouth slowly. Try it three times.  How do you feel?

Be well,