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The G.R.E.E.N. Foundation

It is all about U!

It may not be what you think!  It’s not about being selfish, stingy or self-centered.

It’s about taking care of yourself by being mindful of how you treat yourself. What you eat, how you deal with stress, what you think about yourself. It is all about you.

It has taken me, many years to find a balance in my life to say it’s okay to be selfish by spending time alone, to think about what is best for me so it is all about me.

I believe when it is all about you, you become a better person which allows you to give to others in many ways. For example, if you feel better about yourself your outlook of life is viewed differently in a positive way.

Think about it for a second or two. The world is a better place when it is all about you as contributing human being – it’s about you giving to make this world a better place. It is all about you to give your gifts, your talents, your treasure …because it is all about U.