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It’s Not about the Pink Ribbon!

It’s about getting screened!  Most research will inform women to get screened at age 40 by getting a mammogram.  A mammogram is a imaging procedure to x-ray each breast individually to look for any abnormal tissue, patterns or images that appear suspicious.

Now, the formal explaination is over I want to hear from any of you what your thoughts are about mammograms.  Husbands if your wife is 40 plus ask if a mammogram was done. Secondly, women at any age should be aware of their body and to determine what is your normal for your breast.  Ladies, if you are under age 40 and if there is a change or you feel an abnormal knot/lump — consult an medical doctor.  If you don’t have any insurance contact your local department of health and human services to seek if there are any services for low or no cost screening.

Breast cancer affect men too but at smaller percentage but never-the-less it’s important to know your bodies. Men, ladies may get most of the attention — but, you are equally valued and encouraged to check your breast too!

If we can multiple our efforts by sharing with family members the importance of early detection it will save so many lives.  Act NOW and get screened it does matter to catch anything at a early stage.  Stay tuned.

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