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My Happy Immune System

Lack of exercise, being overweight, eating foods high in sugar and fat, experiencing constant stress, and being socially isolated are things that make your immune system sad. (5 Immune System Busters, 2013).  A sad immune system increases your risk of infections, colds, and being tired.   My work schedule for a few months has increased considerably so I am very guilty of the very things that saddens your immune system.  Being a health educator, I knew that I needed to listen to my body to continue to extend my quality of life to love my family and friends.  Since late October 2012 my imaginary mind, describes it as a matrix affect.  This is too fast and my body was beginning to feel the stress of being overworked.  Well, the stress of my body needed to go to a happy state to enable me to enjoy the very work that I do and to extend the quality of life to continue to love my family and looking forward to seeing and loving great grandchildren.

My solution, I did incorporate in the four areas mentioned early with the exception of being socially isolated. Although, I understand this is true to those who are isolated; there are times, it is healthy to isolate yourself from others to spend time with self.  Over the years, this has served my mental health well.  Regrettably, I don’t practice it as often, this too is another that I’m working on.  I personally owe it to my own body — for the last few weeks I did increase physical activity, focusing on eating the right foods.  I pampered by immune system  by eating healthy salads for a period of two weeks, reduced sugar in my coffee, limited sweets (this is always a struggle right now),  rested more since my body was under a lot of stress.

In attempting to “practice what I preach”, it helps me in my health journey every day to keep my immune system happy.  Every day provide another opportunity to modify our lives to make healthier choices.  A healthy immune system is a happy immune system!