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The G.R.E.E.N. Foundation


My Happy Immune System

Lack of exercise, being overweight, eating foods high in sugar and fat, experiencing constant stress, and being socially isolated are things that make your immune system sad. (5 Immune System Busters, 2013).  A sad immune system increases your risk of infections, colds, and being tired.  … Read More »My Happy Immune System

ActNOW: Sacramento

I believe there must be a sense of urgency to support family and friends to help be mindful of their health.  Listen to your body it’s tells us all what is happening.  Just recently, I restarted my journey to modify my life.  By increasing more of… Read More »ActNOW: Sacramento

How do you relax?

This past weekend I took a moment out of my day to spend some time alone to reflect. For me reflecting is relaxing. I get a chance to be selfish with my time and allow my thoughts to drift. In the last few days, I felt… Read More »How do you relax?

It is all about U!

It may not be what you think!  It’s not about being selfish, stingy or self-centered. It’s about taking care of yourself by being mindful of how you treat yourself. What you eat, how you deal with stress, what you think about yourself. It is all… Read More »It is all about U!

Don’t Forget!

Take a moment soon and get all of your annual preventative check ups.  If you are 40 and over men you will need to make sure you get a PSA for prostate health; women your annual mammogram and don’t forget to monthly check your breast… Read More »Don’t Forget!

Daily Choices

I don’t believe 20 or even 10 years ago I would think of looking forward to taking time to relax throughout the day.  I take moments throughout the day to stretch my legs, arms and my neck. Daily keyboarding  adds tension and stress to those areas. … Read More »Daily Choices

Breast Cancer Champion

The G.R.E.E.N. executive director is one of 14 individuals in the United States to receive the “Breast Cancer Champion Award” from the American Cancer Society and Yoplait! American Cancer Society is teaming up with Yoplait to launch an initiative to celebrate and empower a select… Read More »Breast Cancer Champion